Northeast Ohio Engineered Waterfront and Erosion Solutions

Northeast Ohio Engineered Waterfront and Erosion Solutions

 Engineered Technical Solutions (ETS) is a Company, made up of local professionals, engineers, and  landscape architects whom have done business in the northern Ohio area.  Our organization brings together a staff with over 80 years of  Engineering experience in the Community. 


Engineered Technical Solutions (ETS) can and will provide competitive pricing, prompt personalized service with the utmost accuracy.  Our team of engineers, architects are ready to provide your organization with professional services.  

Engineered Technical Solutions (ETS) services include Civil Design,  Grading/Paving/Drainage/Water/Sewer Project Design Plans, Hydrology, Construction Documents, specifications,  and Geographic Information Systems(GIS) analysis within northern Ohio. Construction Management services are also provided and necessary as support to the Project Engineering Design role.  

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Engineered Technical Solutions (ETS) has an excellent record of providing engineering and construction services in a timely manner and within or under project budgets, using diligent problem solving capabilities, during the construction process.  These services will be a money saving feature your company can always expect from us.

(ETS) Engineered Technical Solutions (ETS) will be glad to provide you with a contract proposal or full scope of services.   Our most recent work has included Erosion Control Structures and Telecommunications Mapping/Support.

We striving to better serve its clients and community.  

Feel free to contact us at (440) 899-6880, or by fax at (440) 899-0930.

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