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ETS Project/Property Management Group

Civil Engineering project and property management experts are right here at Engineered Technical Solutions!

Civil engineering project/property management is a set of techniques and methodologies used for the construction or repair of bridges, sewage systems, roads, and other civil engineering projects. The techniques used are often refined project management skills, due to the high level of complexity and low error tolerance on these projects. Civil engineering is an engineering discipline that is focused primarily on the development and implementation of infrastructure and systems to support a community of people.

There are three areas of focus within civil engineering project/property management: contracting, government requirements, and documentation. These topics are all part of any project management position, but have unique aspects in civil engineering. In addition are financial constraints, political pressure and profile of a project can often impact the overall project plan and support. Contracting of suppliers, construction firms, and professional staff is a complex, multi-stage process for any large project.

Our experienced staff and hands on project/property management style uniquely qualifies Engineered Technical Solutions for the most demanding of projects.

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