Northeast Ohio Civil Engineering Services Available at Engineered Technical Solutions

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Northeast Ohio Civil Engineering Site Development 

In the realm of Northeast Ohio Civil Engineering Site Development, services we are able to provide include:

• Site Investigation Studies
• Site Planning, Zoning & Design
• Conceptual Design & Cost Analysis
• Stormwater Management
• Floodplain Analysis
• Agency Coordination & Approvals
• Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
• Erosion & Sediment Control
• Traffic Impact Studies
• Roadway Design  


Northeast Ohio Civil Engineering Waterfront and Erosion Services

In the realm of waterfront/Erosion service we are able to provide include:

  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Lakefront Erosion Protection
  • Marine Structural Design
  • Beach Restoration
  • Public/Private Waterfront Structures
  • Bulkheading/Dreging
  • Slope Stabilization & Retaining Walls
  • Sheet Piling

Northeast Ohio Civil Engineering Ecological/Environmental 

In the realm of ecological/environmental engineering, services we are able to provide include:

  • NPDES / MS4 reporting & mapping (outfall inspection, mapping, CB mapping
  • Flooding Analysis
  • Stream Design
  • Phase 1 EPA reporting
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Flow monitor analysis
  • Wetland mapping
  • Flood Plain Mapping/Modeling
  • Wetland Design
  • Detention/Retention design
  • Construction Inspection

Northeast Ohio Civil Engineering Utility/GIS Services

In the area of Utility Engineering, services we can provide include:

  • GPS Mapping
  • Sewer design/replacement
  • Condition assessments
  • Asset Management Implementation
  • Training
  • Construction Inspection 

In the area of GIS/GPS Mapping & Analysis, services we can provide include:

  • GPS Mapping
  • GIS Analysis
  • Training (approved OEPA instructor)
  • Archiving current records into searchable format
  • Analysis of missing records (for example if a street shows no sewers but there are homes, highly suspect missing data)Coordinating Interns

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