Our Mission

Engineered Technical Solutions — Our MissionETSLOgoAt ETS, we are organized to deliver high-quality, value-added civil engineering services to meet the unique needs of select client groups.At Engineered Technical Solutions, our values are deeply held views that act as guiding principles for every member of our team. We believe that by declaring our values and holding our team accountable for living them, they form the basis of trust with each other, our clients, our vendors and everyone with whom we conduct business.

Treating Our Clients right 
Without our clients, ETS would not exist. That’s why we treat our clients right. On every project, no matter what the size or scope, we provide innovative, effective solutions that address each client’s unique needs. We are committed to delivering projects with a level of quality our clients have come to expect. We listen to clients and honor the promises we make with integrity, accountability and reliability.

Respecting Our Employees and Recognizing Them as Individuals. 
We appreciate the unique knowledge, ingenuity and spirit that each and every employee possesses. By capitalizing on those attributes, we collectively form a dynamic, energetic organization receptive to change, open to new ideas, and positioned for continued growth and profitability.

Conducting Ourselves in an Ethical Manner
. All of us at Engineered Technical Solutions perform our work in an ethical manner. We obey and respect the laws of our city, state and nation; the codes of ethics that govern our professional disciplines; and the moral standards that dictate how we work with and treat others. Under no circumstance will we engage in unlawful, immoral behavior or participate in activities that would jeopardize our firm’s reputation or the trust we have built with clients and the community.

We make it our responsibility to help meet the challenges and needs of the communities in which we live, work and conduct business.

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