Waterfront & Erosion

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ETS Waterfront and Erosion Group helps clients plan, design and manage the construction of projects along Lake Erie and its tributaries. The Group serves property owners, marina owners, port authorities, dock manufacturers, industrial owners and communities.The Waterfront and Erosion Group has in-depth expertise in projects that affect, preserve or capitalize on our freshwater resources. We have experience in supervising  the preparation of permit applications; the preparation of design drawings, specifications and cost estimates; and construction management and inspection services.


From beach restoration and erosion protection to public and private recreational facilities, we can help clients implement sustainable, cost-effective solutions.
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Importantly, our Waterfront and Erosion Group has an in-depth understanding of local, state and federal regulatory agencies including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. For projects that require permitting (as most do), ETS helps clients through every step of the permitting process to keep projects on course and on schedule.


ETS Waterfront and Erosion Services

    • Regulatory Permitting
    • Lakefront Erosion Protection
    • Marine Structural Design
    • Beach Restoration
    • Public/Private Waterfront Structures
    • Bulkheading/Dreging
    • Slope Stabilization & Retaining Walls
    • Sheet Piling

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